Hours of Operation

Yes, we operate 7 days a week! Rats don't take days off.

MONDAY 7am - 8pm
TUESDAY 7am - 8pm
WEDNESDAY 7am - 8pm
THURSDAY 7am - 8pm
FRIDAY 7am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 7pm
SUNDAY 10am - 6pm
Our company ensures the cleanliness and safety of the community by removing and disposing of dead animals in the area. We have handled thousands of service requests in our ten years of experience. We can help manage the removal, disposal, and decontamination of hazardous materials such as the fluid that the carcass will release. Our founders are environmentalism leaders; we will use environmentally conscious products and methods when removing dead animals. Our people have been trained to provide you with the most efficient solution. Our free inspection procedure will be very comprehensive. We will not merely focus on the affected site; we will look for the potential entry points and seal them to protect you from possible future infestation. When removing the carcass, our people will be armed with the right protective gear to keep them safe from potential disease transmission and infection. Our disposal method will be according to the regulation of the state. We will then sanitize and decontaminate your place to eradicate all potential threats and ease your worries. We can also deodorize your site to eliminate any lingering scent of the dead creature. With us, you can enjoy a complete solution for all your dead animal problems.